Choose from packages or à la carte services


Our Packages

We offer special package pricing for a specified set of services with a three month minimum contract. Choose the package that best fits your needs and then the  amount of hours that work with your business load. Packages can always be revised as your business needs change and customized with  à  la carte services.

Basic Package

Our basic package includes meeting preparation, report generation, application preparation, submission and delivery.

Basic Plus Billing Package

Our Basic Plus Billing Package includes meeting preparation and application processing plus the calculation, submission and delivery of your management fees.

Full Back Office Package

The Full Back Office Package includes the Basic Plus Billing services as well as client services and compliance administration. This can include the processing distributions, deposits, rollovers, transfers, journals, contributions, account updates, RMD calculations, client requests, trade set up, etc. Compliance administration can include blotter creation and maintenance, AUM calculation and tracking, ADV updates and distribution,  quarterly and annual compliance administration, etc.  We can also provide more general administrative support such as scheduling and calendar management.

Projects and À La Carte Services

Any service can be provided à la carte and packages can be customized to fit your needs. These services might include office coverage for employees who are on family leave or disability or special projects like audit preparation, RIA conversions or B/D changes, CRM clean up or creation or assistance with marketing initiatives.